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Monday, 21 May 2012

Man Ray's Beach House

This is a beauty, Bloom, the fourth album from Beach House. It's no different from the previous three, just better. Woozy organ, distorted guitar, melifluous vocals about nothing/everything, lazy and languid and a bit out there.


In the frame is Balthus, looking the essence of 1930s male chic. Incredibly, for someone photographed as an adult so long ago he didn't die until 2001. Balthus refused any kind of biographical reading of his paintings. His paintings were to be seen and not read about. Reckon he may have had a beach house though.


drew said...

Anothe band I've not really taken any interest in.

Are they worth a punt on?

Swiss Adam said...

One album by them's worth a punt. May as well be this one.

drew said...

Cheers SA, but it won't be the vinyl twenty four quid!

Swiss Adam said...

They're taking the piss now with the price of vinyl. Get the cd for a tenner.

Anonymous said...

If you're going to gamble on one of their albums, make it Teen Dream. Bloom is like a cheap stencil version of that album with all the magic taken out.