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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

High Contrast

Continuing with the dance music theme which has been running on and on here for the last week or so and the occasional sporting theme I cast my mind back a year to when the London 2012 Olympics started with that still jaw-dropping opening ceremony, Danny Boyle's Isle Of Wonder- dancing Victorian industrialists, Kenneth Brannagh as Isambard Kingdom Brunel reading Shakespeare, cyclists with wings shooting out beneath Arctic Monkeys, Bradley Wiggins in yellow ringing that massive bell, the NHS, Dizzie Rascal, Fuck Buttons soundtracking the athlete's parade. And then two weeks (more once the Paralympics started) of success and bonhomie and 'we're all actually really in this together' (except wobbly jawed George Osbourne, booed by an entire stadium). That oft-reported night when British track and field stars brought home three gold medals and in a beautiful two fingers to the EDL and other assorted racists they were a black Somalian refugee, a heptathlete with a white mother and black father, and a pasty Scot. And, rewind, from the opening ceremony, in a moment that probably brought tears to many an aging raver's eyes, Underworld's Rez booming out, across a stadium and globally; an acid house Olympics.

Rez (High Contrast Remix)


FatBob said...

Thursday night was my payday, so after a few sips of Bucky and a puff or two, I'd normally jump on a bus and visit Tower Records. About five minutes after getting there Rez came on the shop's system, it stopped me dead. I bought two.

JC said...

Dear SA

This isn't related to your particular post, but just to let you know that The Vinyl Villain blog has met its demise at the hands of blogger.

I'm starting all over again....




Swiss Adam said...

Ta JC- Bastards. Fucking bastards.

Anonymous said...

"tears to many an aging raver's eyes" count me in