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Monday, 29 July 2013

There Will Be A Reckoning

Billy Bragg's album of this year (Tooth And Nail) has some good songs on it- this is one of them- and has some of the political bite and ire of his former work.

There Will Be A Reckoning

There's something about the album as a whole that doesn't quite work for me- a bit too one paced, a bit too samey. Maybe that's just down to me and a lack of concentration over full albums nowadays, especially ones that don't have too much sonic variety. But then not every lp can or should have dub, krautrock and free jazz spilling into it's grooves can it?


Walter said...

Yes it is, SA. It is the same for me to concentrate on music without effects like dub or kraut. But if you succeed, you embark on a whole album you'll often be rewarded.

Drew Wingate said...

It did nothing for me I am very sorry to say. I think I have played it through 5 times and now it is filed.