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Friday, 12 July 2013

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 112

One hundred and twelve?! Whose idea was this? How am I supposed to keep coming up with rockabilly posts every Friday night for this long? Eh?

Sonny Burgess recorded this belter for Sun Records- trumpet led rockabilly from the 1950s extolling the virtues of a red headed woman. Gotta love red headed women. Like current Bagging Area favourite redhead Rose Leslie (from sex and gore fest Game Of Thrones).

Red Headed Woman


drew said...

Don't know what Game of Thrones is but she definitely isn't dressed for today. By god it's hot!

ally. said...

112...blimey. how have i not got all of those? that's some boxed set. carry on trooper

davyh said...

I do like a redhead.

George said...

Just what is need in the household. Excellent.

charity chic said...

Keep going for as long as it takes Adam!

Hazard said...

As a bottle redhead, I approve.