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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Night Before You Came

This is very nice, The Night Before You Came by Paresse, it's got a touch of the Bladerunner groove to it, sci-fi electronica (good luck with finding it on vinyl, seems to be sold out left, right and centre).

This Craig Bratley remix is a bit of a looker too..

And from yesterday there's a free download of a remix by Dave McSherry (Fila Brazillia),a whopping 65mb WAV file...


mike said...

the paresse song and the bratley remix can be found om the magic feet sampler vol. 1 vinyl.
the 4 track 12" for under 10€
if you want i can buy the vinyl for you.
(don't know how much shipping to gb is)

Echorich said...

I like! I like very much!

Swiss Adam said...

Off on hols today Mike- thanks for offer.