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Thursday, 16 October 2014

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I'm a bit undecided about the new Caribou album, Your Love. The reviews have been glowing and I can see what they're getting at. Some of it is undeniably lovely and several of the songs have a real lightness of touch, with laptop beats and ravey synths and the vocals add a very human touch. Some of it feels a bit insubstantial though and I can't help but feel there's too much top end and not enough bass. I could be wrong, maybe I need to give it more time. Maybe I just don't enjoy listening to full albums that much anymore- that shuffle function, single song internet releases, 12" singles and compilations have definitely affected my habits. I do really like this one (sadly not a cover of the 1970 England world cup song).

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drew said...

I love the album SA. I have been listening to a lot of albums in their entirety recently. There have been a lot of very good albums recently. The latest Slow Club one is absolutely stunning not what I was expecting at all and Neuroplasticity by Cold Specks is worth checking out to mention just two.

Swiss Adam said...

I'll have a look for both of them Drew.

Echorich said...

SA give the Caribou album some more time. I was/am mad about Can't Do Without You - it is firmly ensconced in my top 20 tracks of 2014. As much as it is on trend post modern dance, it hints back to the glories of Glam/Art Rock in a Roxy sort of way.
Currently I have Julie Brightly on 5 different playlists, I may be becoming obsessed.