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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Wasting time on social media recently I followed a link to the video for Hello by The Beloved- you know the one, funky drummer drums, crunchy guitar and a slightly silly, wide-eyed list of people to say hello to including Peter, Paul, Tommy Cannon, Bobby Ball, Little Richard, Willy Wonka, William Tell, Salman Rushdie, Kym Mazelle, Mork and Mindy, Barry Humphries, Billy Corkhill, Fred Astaire, Desmond Tutu, Zippy, Bungle, Jean Paul Sartre...

A click or two away I found Found, the closer off their Happiness album. A different kettle of fish entirely. It's like the Bunnymen on E or New Order at sunrise. Or a blissed out Beloved in 1989. Lovely.



Echorich said...

The Sun Rising, Your Love Takes Me Higher and Hello. These are the among the cream (or should that be Creme) of the Balearic crops! The Beloveds slightly Post-Punk/Goth beginnings kept the move to the dancefloor much more interesting than many of their contemporaries. Still not sure if I would say hello to Jeffery Archer or just throw something at him though.

Swiss Adam said...

I couldn't even type his name Echorich

Dubrobots said...

Absolutely love the Beloved.

Funnily enough, I saw Lord Archole last time I was in that London. Sadly had a brainfreeze, and didn't realise who he was until he was some way up the street, so missed my chance to insult / assault him