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Friday, 24 October 2014

Lemon Drops

Wolverhampton's Mighty Lemon Drops were almost the archetypal mid-to-late 80s, post-punk/indie group, all dressed in black with Rickenbackers, and found within the inky pages of the NME. Look at the picture- nothing could be more post-Smiths but pre-acid house. They owed a debt to the sound of Echo And the Bunnymen, from the spikey psychedelic guitars to the tom-toms and the voice of Paul Marsh. This was their first single, released for Dan Treacy's Dreamworld label. Close your eyes and it's 1986 again.

Like An Angel


The Swede said...

Good to hear this again. I saw them in a dingy Romford basement club in 1986 and remember lots of chiming guitars bouncing around walls of the venue. After reading your post I did a little research and was astounded to find that they released a total of six albums in their career - six! I only ever knew 'Happy Head'. It's probably too late to go back and check out the others now.

C said...

Oh, I so loved Like An Angel and played the 12" to death at the time. Great choice and indeed, yes, with my eyes closed it's 1986 again.

(Funnily enough, I saw them in a dingy Romford basement club that year too!)

Swiss Adam said...

I've never been to Romford. maybe I should go. I like dingy basements with bands in them.

*sings Underworld line 'on the midnight train to Romford'*