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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

This Is...

This is a leather clad Mick Jones, somewhere in the 70s with The Clash, possibly dreaming of world conquest, the transformative power of punk rock and the vast range of influences he will channel into his band's music over the next few years.

This lovely vinyl rip is the B-side to Big Audio Dynamite's hit single E=MC2, a sampletastic song that showed exactly how much things had changed by the mid-80s.

This Is Big Audio Dynamite

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Erik Bartlam said...

I love that record...that album.

I wore the grooves off of it and drove my buddy nuts. I think BAD was the first "discovery" I made hanging out in the record shop as a kid. Kinda hard to discover Mick Jones but, I didn't know he had a new band. There wasn't all this information back then...so I took a chance.

I blasted that record for months.