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Friday, 17 October 2014


What do you think of the new David Bowie song?

Bowie crooning over dark, cinematic jazz, Taxi Driver soundtrack style jazz, side two of Low maybe, a little bit Red Snapper too. It's not an easy listen and at over seven minutes long not the obvious choice of song to spring upon the world to announce a new Best of album. Good stuff I reckon.


The Swede said...

Like Scott Walker scatting over something off of 'Black Saint and the Sinner Lady' with added beats. It's brilliant.

Echorich said...

Bowie finds the time to end 2014 with one of the best musical moments of the year!
This is post modern, urban, JAZZ!!! Maria Schneider Orchestra was a brilliant choice for partnering the Glam Crooner with.
This is cinematic. It's Lower Manhattan on a cold rainy fall evening.
Bowie allows the soul of Scott Walker to fill him (hope Scott wasn't planning on using it any time soon) and hints at recognition to his past Jazz efforts on Aladdin Sane and Low.
This is what I hoped we might get after Bring Me The Disco King which had been kicking around from the time of Black Tie White Noise until it finally found a home closing Reality.
I just hope Tony Visconti promotes more of this angle for the forseeable future.

drew said...

Just got round to listening to this, it's pish!

Swiss Adam said...

I was waiting for use of the word pish. You took a while Drew!

drew said...

It wasn't high up my list of listening priorities and after listening I should have pumped it further down