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Thursday, 9 October 2014


Johnny Marr looks the business in this photo- the black barnet, drainpipes, denim jacket and white shirt buttoned all the way up (from The Smith's appearance on the Oxford Road Show). As does his songwriting partner next to him, but Marr's look was always a bit more streetwise.

Johnny's been promoting his new solo album with his band, playing the 6 Music red button thing this week. I haven't got Playland yet so can't comment. But the version of Still Ill was first rate.

Still Ill (6 Music session)

Still Ill is a reminder of what an inventive guitarist he is (and he wrote it aged about 18) and also of how stunning Morrissey's early lyrics were. This song has more great lines than some people manage in an entire career- 'I decree today that life is simply taking and not giving, England is mine and it owes me a living' for starters. And whatever your opinion of Morrissey it is sad and unpleasant that he has been having treatment for cancer.

Getting Away With It was Electronic's masterclass of a first single. Marr and his band played it live at Maida Vale. Opinion seems to be split on this live version but I think it's alright. Watch it quick, these red button sessions have a habit of being taken down.


Erik Bartlam said...

Does Rusholme Ruffians count as early morrissey? I've been reassessing my opinion of them lately...that one is brilliant.

I listened to an interview with Marr yesterday and he said he was like 15 when he was in his first real band and now that he's older he understands why his parents were so concerned about the company he was keeping. Ha

george said...

It's interesting listening to Still Ill, it sounds like Marr trying to sing like Morrissey. Not that's necessarily a bad thing. Good version.