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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

French Disko

It's a video only day today- I'm doing this on the run and haven't time to rip and stuff.

C from Sun Dried Sparrows left a comment on my Timothy J Fairplay/Editors post mentioning Stereolab and everybody needs a little Stereolab in their lives, especially the mighty French Disko played live on The Word (you'll have to put up with a couple of seconds of Terry Christian first). The driving indie guitars and droning keyboards, Letitia's vocals- pop and experimental in one handy package and a real highlight from the early 90s.

C pointed me towards Editors cover version which is driving and Joy Division-esque and, hey, actually pretty good.

And it turns out that Scandinvian aces Raveonettes cover it too, as seen here at Austin, Texas in 2008.

Still, I think if pressed, out of the three I'd take Stereolab's original.


george said...

That comment about Joy Division is very very apt. The Raveonettes just do a faithful cover and don't come close to the original. Interesting to see three versions. Interesting, there's a teacher's word...interesting answer ie totally wrong but I'll patronise you.

Erik Bartlam said...

I saw them in 2000 down in New Orleans during a year when it seemed like we were there once a month to see a great band.

Emperor Tomato Ketchup still comes up in the rotation regularly.

That's a great clip.

Anto said...

Lyrics appear to be based on the mutterings of Big Al Camus eh?Hello Adam btw

C said...

Thanks for the mention!

Sometimes you just can't keep a good song down... I like all three (I didn't know about the Raveonettes' cover). Great clip of Stereolab.

Echorich said...

Afraid I'm a sucker for Editors. They just push so many of the right buttons for me. Stereolab has always been kinda hit and miss for me. But that's what you should expect from a band that shifts from pop to experimental with the level of ease of Stereolab.
The Ravonettes' version is thin, but I like the sort of distorted feel of the guitars way back in the live mix.

Anonymous said...

what a storming stereolab song. but i couldn't hear the deeply profound lyric until i played the editors version. could some bright spark do a mash up. keep the kinetic energy of the stereolab version and put the editors vocal on top please.