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Friday, 10 October 2014

Mmm Bus Station... I Love You

I took this shot a week ago today, leaving for the battlefields visit from Preston Bus Station. It's a modernist, concrete masterpiece. Unfortunately it's also unloved, dirty, smells of diesel and a million cigarettes, not much fun inside and surrounded by buses. But still, look at those lovely sleek lines.

Underworld's dubnobasswithmyheadman is twenty years old and about to have a five disc re-release. It's still their best album, despite the pleasures of Second Toughest In The Infants and Beaucoup Fish. The long, bass heavy songs, driven by thumping drums, coupled with the snatched, conversational lyrics (inspired by Lou Reed's New York apparently), machine rhythms and energy but warm, human and sexy too.

Mmm Skyscraper... I Love You (Telegraph)


Dirk said...

Hello SA,

if you have aminute, could you please cancel Sexyloser from your "Blogs of Interest" - roll and then re-add it again? The reason I'm asking is that it doesn't update on your list, some forums say that the above might help to improve on the situation.

Thanks very much for your help,


drew said...

Great minds and all that.

Btw did you buy that Junior Fairplay 12", if so how's your vinyl? I haven't played it this week pulled it out tonight and its warped to fuck. It's not like it's been in the heat, just in the pile of recent things!

Jake Sniper said...

I grew up in Lancaster and when ever we went to Preston I would beg my dad to park above Preston bus, I love that building. Yes dubno... is their best album.

Swiss Adam said...

Been a bit strapped for cash this month Drew so have had to resist vinyl. So far.

Echorich said...

dubnobasswithmyheadman has the honor of being the cd/album which I have had either pinched or "borrowed" more than other over the last 20 yrs and probably ever. Bowie's Station To Station is a close second.
I have had torn apart a friend's cd collection to find my copy that was borrowed, only to, less than a year later, have another friend "lift" it from my apartment and then move with it, to San Francisco. I replaced that one only to have an ex abscond with it's replacement when we parted ways. I then moved to Florida and for a year didn't realize I couldn't find that replacement. So I am on copy # 4 and it probably gets played more now than it did in the 90's.

Bovril said...

It's a fantastic album, with many great memories, but being reissued over 5 cd's?!?, i don't know what they are giving us, but even with b-sides, remixes, the studio out takes and alt versions,and remastered versions, it's surely too much, just get the original on, turn it up and enjoy.