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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Kompakt's Total 14 compilation is a really good round up of the label's current talent, a double disc set with lots of things new to me that jump out sounding great.

Gui Boratto's Take Control came out in June and is almost too much, like overdoing it on chocolate. Lovely beats and synth sounds, with some guitars borrowed from New Order, featuring Come and Hell.

Take Control

I'm really enjoying this one too, by Terranova. Lots of Kompakt artists have very anonymous, generic, forgettable names. Over a very cool house track ex-Stereo MC singer Cath Coffey vents about headaches- hangover headaches, personal headaches, political headaches, all sorts of headaches. New genre- paranoia house.


Anonymous said...

always interesting listening to what you are filtering thru. the terranova track is a cover of the au pairs 'headache'. top draw post punk paranoia. check their 2 albums, quality. and you'd love the cover photo of the 'playing with a different sex' lp.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks for that anon. I've got a few Au Pairs songs on comps but wasn't aware that this was a cover. Will check it out.

Swiss Adam said...

And now I've done a quick search i do recognise the fantastic album cover