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Friday, 2 January 2015


I learnt a new word recently- Apricity (feeling the warmth of the sun in winter). Nice isn't it? The definition and the word itself, a nice word to say.

Moments In Love by Art Of Noise, from 1983, is a musical equivalent of apricity. It has become a standard on those chill out compilations, usually found now cluttering up bargain bins and charity shops, played to death on smooth radio stations, and has been used in countless adverts and films but don't hold that against it.

Moments In Love (Extended Version)


george said...

I think I've been reading your blog for most of those 5 years you mentioned yesterday, and yes I think you're right about it being for mainly older people, but there's a few of us around who seem to enjoy it. Keep going young Adam, this 50+ year old needs that daily fix. And Apricity, if it is a word, is very apt for round these parts, people have been sunbathing on the beach. And Happy New Year.

The Swede said...

Good word!