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Friday, 16 January 2015

Stockholm Syndrome

Towards the end of last year I posted a song called Hunters In The Snow by Paresse which went down very well with some of you- a slow moving, atmospheric house track with a throbbing bass, that conjured up images of hunters and snow. Many, many months before I also posted Paresse's The Night before You Came, which was futuristic, quite Bladerunner. I found Paresse's Soundcloud page the other week which doesn't give away much information (Paresse is Ivan Berggren from Stockholm, Sweden) but does have a good number of songs, a couple of remixes and some lengthy radio show mixes. The most recent upload is this one, Phantoms Are Waltzing. It's John Carpenter-esque, but as if Escape From New York had happened in Scandinavia. There are some lovely distorted synth sounds on this.

I'm also taken with this one, Trans Am, still pretty slow with a hint of disco...

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veer nice