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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Songs Of Pressure

Harriet Andersson starred in yesterday's cover star Ingmar Bergman's 1953 film Summer With Monika. I saw this still and others from the film and thought, phew, blimey etc.

This has just come out on 12" vinyl, Richard Sen's Songs Of Pressure. Driven by a massive bassline with sound system dub effects all over it. There's an even more dubbed out Asphodells remix on the other side that I posted last year. Richard Sen started out as a graffiti  artist, recorded as Padded Cell and Bronx Dogs, djs and remixes, and collects pine cones which he classifies and displays according to size, shape and colour. I may have made that last bit up.


Anonymous said...

Dear Swiss Adam,
This ever increasing circle of fabulous blogs that I have been discovering since I found my pals C and The Swede has led me to yours. It looks a swell place and right up my cul-de-sac. Mind if i add you to my link list so I don't miss a post?

This is very nice indeed.

The Swede said...

Not always my kinda thing, but I enjoyed this a lot and will be seeking out the Asphodells remix you mentioned.

drew said...

I really like that, thanks SA.

drew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swiss Adam said...

Go ahead Singing Bear, glad to see you.

C said...

I really want it to be true about the pine cones...

Walter said...

Superb song - great choice SA.

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