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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Run For Cover

I found a long forgotten folder on my hard drive, called Adam Music From Laptop- some songs transferred over from a work laptop back in about 2007. Tucked away in it was this song by The Matinee Orchestra. I think I downloaded it from their MySpace page (MySpace!). It's got a bit of Penguin Cafe Orchestra about it, a bit Henri Mancini maybe, a little Belle And Sebastian. Acoustic guitar, skewed trumpets, a sweetly sung vocal. Ice cold lemonade on a sunny day. Sunday morning music.

Run For Cover (It's Going To Rain)

1 comment:

Walter said...

Never heard this song before - I like it much and I ought to clean up my hard drive as well (to find some forgotten gems).
Btw: It's good to get remembered to Edie