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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sly One

Here's another treat from Greg Wilson's Soundcloud page (brought to you via reader and Boltonite Paul Bob Horrocks). Marina Van-Rooy was a Liverpudlian singer who had not one but two early 90s house classics- Let You Go and Sly One. Greg Wilson has tweaked Sly One a little but not radically. Free dl if you can handle a whopping big WAV file.

Sly One is a seductive, low key number with a chuggy 128 bpm rhythm, a woodblock sound reminiscent of Voodoo Ray and a slinky vocal having a pop at some boy, a sly one. Marina was also in the group Angelpie and I might be mistaken but I think a Lotus Eater was involved somewhere along the line. Marina is pictured wearing a catsuit/chain mail bikini combo down Liverpool docks. I don't remember this look ever catching on but maybe I was looking the wrong way.


Anfunny said...

From my own retired blog, circa 2009;

"Marina Van-Rooy is a vocalist from Liverpool who was active on the 1990s dance scene. Now dubbed a 'rave veteran', she was signed to Liverpool's DeConstruction label, where she issued a pair of heavenly house singles; 'Sly One' in 1990, and 'Let You Go' in 1991. The latter was remixed by Sasha. Both were club smashes and are considered Ha├žienda dance floor classics to this day. Marina was produced by the team of Ian Martin Wright, Steve Cummerson and Peter Coyle (ex-The Lotus Eaters) who were also part promoters, with 3Beat and John Kelly, of G-Love, a legendary monthly Thursday night out at The Mardi Gras Club off Bold Street in Liverpool. Things went a bit quiet until February 1992, when Marina recorded a radio session for John Peel. She performed three new tracks; 'All Heaven's Open', 'Honey Drip' (listen) and 'Staying With Me', none of which were ever released officially. Marina next appeared fronting a mysterious electronic pop project, AngelPie, with producer Mark Saunders at the helm. They released two atmospheric singles (John Barry meets Cocteau Twins?) on MCA's alternative off-shoot, Oxygen Records in 1994; 'Tin Foil Alley' and 'She', neither of which even made it into the UK top 100. An album, 'Jake', was recorded but once again, never officially released. Also in 1994, Van-Rooy appeared performing vocals on 'Why Why Why', a track on fellow Liverpudlians The Lightning Seeds' 'Jollification' album. Icelandic art-pop collective, GusGus, made great use of Van-Rooy's debut single, 'Sly One' when they sampled it on 'Purple', a techno-house track just shy of 10 minutes in length, from their 1997 4AD album, 'Polydistortion'. Marina's sporadic recording output continued when she next turned up on a track called 'Pretty', from Reno's (AKA Phil Burns and Andy Holt) 2002 album, 'Thinking About The Good Times'. Burns had previously helped create A Guy Called Gerald's seminal 'Voodoo Ray'. These days, Marina is out of the music business and in recent years has been working as a make up artist. In lieu of any Van-Rooy videos available online, she can be seen in this [URL] promo clip, albeit at a very young age, dancing away in the background to Pale fountains' classic, 'Jean's Not Happening' from 1984. Trivia! While Googling for information on Marina (there's very little!), I found myself visiting 'The Liverpool Echo' website, which listed her as competing in a 2004 10k run. She came 1076th with a respectable time of 59:56..."

Anonymous said...

That's excellent detail, thanks Anfunny.
Swiss Adam