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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

This Must Be The Place

If you click here there's a nice re-edit of This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads, done by Patrice Baumel. It won't embed but at the moment it's a free download. It's not that different from the original but it's all stretched out bit, those keys and picked guitars playing off against each other for a few extra minutes at the start and finish. David Byrne's usual lyrical obsessions with paranoia, anxiety, dislocation, wiredness and weirdness were replaced on this song for some actual warmth. Good for jigging about too.

Actually, there's a potentially very good 80s re-edit mixtape in this- the New Order one I posted last week, that stunning re-edit of The Jesus And Mary Chain's Nine Million Rainy Days, the looped reworking of Wah!'s The Story of the Blues and Siouxsie's Peek-a-Boo for starters. Someone should stick them all together in one seamless mix.


Simon said...

One of my all time favourite songs. I'm not one for lists, because - and you might recognise this feeling - I like way too many songs and albums. But there are some that have been constant faves for decades now, and are very very high in my estimations indeed.

The live version has some musical punctuation that the studio version doesn't, and the lamp. But it doesn't matter, any version of this with what I think is Byrne's most heartfelt vocal does it for me. Love.

Scott said...

You may be the man SA to mix those tracks together, be great to hear what they would sound like in a mix...