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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Wednesday In June

It's Wednesday. It's June. Here's a brace of marvelous chuggy, post-acid house groovers that seem to come from the darkest corners of small back rooms filled with dry ice and sweat, a pair of dancefloor tracks from two artists well familiar to this blog. First up Edit Service 58, a re-working of something or other by Hardway Bros. Spaced sequencers, intense, a ride to the sun, free download.

Second is Dim The Lights, a filthy, bleepy, beat heavy affair from Richard Norris, pushing all the settings all the way up.


Echorich said...

Crackin' Norris track and I'm A Cliché is a great label!!

george said...

I've been playing these whilst reading the newspaper, and somehow found myself liking them, especially that Edit Service 58. Must be trying to recapture youth............it has though chased my partner from the room

Swiss Adam said...

Poor Jo.