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Friday, 19 June 2015

Stomp Your Hands And Clap Your Feet

The New York Dolls reformed and released a new album back in 2006 which contained this song, Dance Like A Monkey, a more succinct argument against creationism and the religious right than Richard Dawkins has managed, easier to dance to and much funnier. The music is amped up Rolling Stones style funky rock. Singer David Johansen takes aim and fires...

'You're designed so intelligent
Ain't no way that was an accident
Come on shake your monkey hips
My pretty little creationist

Ain't gonna anthropomorphise ya
Or perversely polymorphisise ya

Little girl you look so sweet
You gotta dance like a monkey
Dance like a monkey'

Dance Like A Monkey


george said...

Great track, Adam, never heard it before (not being a fan of NYD)

Swiss Adam said...

I'm not a massive fan myself George- but this song is a real highlight. I think I heard it first on a free music magazine cd.

C said...

This just makes me feel good. Every time. I think I first heard it when they performed it on Jonathan Ross, with David Johansen looking youthfully slim and energetic, and rather simian himself! Mind you, I always thought he bore an uncanny resemblance to actress Linda Robson in his original NYD days (next time you watch the famous OGWT clip of Jet Boy bear that in mind!) so this may be preferable.
Those lyrics are great, aren't they?

The Swede said...

An impressive recreation of the band's sound from their two classic original LPs. I've not listened to all of the 3 'comeback' albums, but I probably should as I've enjoyed everything I've heard from them, including this.
(Thanks for putting the Linda Robson image in my head C, I'll never watch that clip in the same way again!)

Anonymous said...

That Linda Robson- David Johansen thing is disturbing
Swiss Adam