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Monday, 1 June 2015

Man Next Door

More dubbed out wonder for the first day of June. Man Next Door was the third single from The Slits and shows them moving deeper into dub territory and away from the punkier sound of Cut. Released in 1980 Man Next Door is a cover of a John Holt tune and produced by Adrian Sherwood. Tessa Pollitt was unwell so the bass was played by Ari Up and the whole session was done at short notice, Sherwood calling to say they had a couple of hours if they could come now. Drums were played by a man called Cecil and according to Viv Albertine they didn't  know his surname and never saw him again. On the B-side Sherwood twisted the song into further abstract dub shapes which is what you're getting here.

Man Next Door (Version)


Jake Sniper said...

My favourite version is by Bim Sherman & Strange Parcels,On-U sound was a great label and once again showing the genius of Adrian Sherwood.

Echorich said...

Genius stuff here!! It's pretty amazing that 35 years on, this sounds like nothing else that's come after it. The moment in music where punk/post punk met dub might be a footnote for a lot of people, but the energy and the art it produced is pretty much untouchable.