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Thursday, 18 June 2015


Mono Life is responsible for one of my favourite songs of this year so far, his remix of Pearl's Cab Ride's Sunrise (posted a month or two back). His album Phrenology is very good too. This song, Remediate, is a joy, full of throbs and pulses and Kraftwerkian keyboards. You can buy Phrenology at Bandcamp, on old fashioned compact disc or as a download.

If you like that, you'll like this one even more, which is like a massive electronic smile full of buzzes and bleeps.

I'm also partial to this one, The Perfect Kiss, with vocals by Berri- this beatless version has a feel of that lengthy Ashley Beedle remix of The Aloof's One Night Stand but without all the self-loathing. I can't recommend Mono Life's stuff highly enough at the moment.

Room for one more? This track, also posted by Acid Ted last week, was Mono Life's first recording, a delicious piece of summery piano house. Free to download.

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Walter said...

Once again a bundle of great stuff, SA. Thank you for the inspiration