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Thursday 25 June 2015

Just A Trick Of The Light

Orange Juice have such an embarrassment of riches in their back catalogue, all skewiff and untutored and out of kilter. It's their rough edges that make them so loveable I think. From their early days, this is the magnificent, frenetic Felicity (written by James Kirk). This version was from a flexi disc given away free with the first 1000 copies of Falling And Laughing, recorded live in Edinburgh in 1979.

Felicity (Flexi Version)

From the later days, the brilliant What Presence?!, shown here live on the Whistle Test in '84 with a squealing guitar solo (along with Out For The Count).


george said...

Really like the Whistle Test video, Adam, and brilliant is the correct word for What Presence.

Brian said...

What Presence?! is where my love affair began. 14 years old. Little did I know how great that earlier material was! Love this post, Adam.

Dale Farrington said...

James Kirk wrote Felicity. If you change it now, no-one will notice. :-)

Love the site.

Anonymous said...

Darn it. I knew that.
Swiss Adam

Anonymous said...

Factual error in the bagging area

londonlee said...

Small world. I'm just putting together a OJ post with the 12" version of What Presence