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Monday, 8 June 2015

Much Worse

Don Letts was Mick Jones' right hand man in Big Audio Dynamite, never more so than on this B-side to Just Play Music! in 1988. This has a ragga vibe, a stuttering drum machine rhythm and Don's vocals about everyday hassles- ringing phones, toothache and headache, shaving cuts and much worse.

Much Worse (Extended Version)

I've been giving the idea of an imaginary Big Audio Dynamite compilation album post some thought but don't want to step on The Vinyl Villain's toes with his series. There's much more to B.A.D. than just the first album. They did have a knack for choosing the right songs for their singles though.


Brian said...

I would like to see your comp, Adam.

The Swede said...

I've already jotted down my imaginary BAD comp to compare and contrast with the Vinyl Villan's when the time comes. I also put together a post-Clash Strummer comp, which must surely also be on the horizon.

Swiss Adam said...

I'm still procrastinating on both for some reason. Will get to it