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Friday, 12 June 2015

I'm Ready

New and free to download from a group of sonic adventurers- Chris Mackin (Chris Rotter, guitarist for Andrew Weatherall or rather the man who says Andrew Weatherall is the singer in his band), Matty Skylab, Jagz Kooner (Sabres of Paradise, The Aloof) and sultry vocals by Patti Yang- is this very relaxed slice of Chicago house by way of the Balaeric Isles. Rooftop terrace. Sun on skin. Fag ends in empty beer bottles. Thumpy bass. Nice build up to the end. Classy.


Walter said...

I'll go and get it soon. Thank you SA

drew said...

That is very good. Cheers muchly.

acidted said...

oooh...thanks for this one.