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Friday, 10 June 2016

Audrey In Dub

A chance back-to-back playing of two Weatherall tunes on the pod in the car led me to thinking about what an Andrew Weatherall dub compilation album might look like. Much of his work is to a greater or lesser degree informed by dub and dub production but from his earliest remixes through Sabres Of Paradise and into the recent solo work and The Asphodells there are plenty of pretty much pure dubwise tunes that work really well together burnt onto a disc or compiled on a playlist. These ones work at the moment for me and in this order.

S.O.P 'Ysaebud' (a one sided 7" single from 1994, credited as S.O.P. From The Vaults)
Saint Etienne 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' A Mix Of Two Halves
Sabres Of Paradise 'Edge 6' (B-side of Theme 12")
New Order 'Regret' Sabres Slo 'n' Lo Mix
Sabres Of Paradise 'RSD'
The Orb Perpetual Dawn Ultrabass II
Sabres Of Paradise 'Return Of Carter' (B-side of Theme 12")
Steve Mason 'Boys Outside' Dub Mix 1
Madness 'The Death Of A Rude Boy' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Group Rhoda 'King' Asphodells Remix
Two Lone Swordsmen 'As Worldly Pleasures Wave Goodbye' (from Stay Down- this isn't really dub per se, it's just a lovely way to close the album)


The Swede said...

It's about time you compiled and submitted a Weatherall Imaginary Compilation Album to JC.

Swiss Adam said...

It crossed my mind- even I thought it might be a bit niche though

The Swede said...

Tilly & the Wall, Detroit Cobras and The Orwells have featured among the imaginary comps so far - that's what I call niche!

Swiss Adam said...

True. Niche is where blogging is at.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post and suggestions. I'd add the TGU interplanetary remix thingie and the Stereo MCs dubs (I'm tired so can't quite remember the titles this morning)

Swiss Adam said...

I thought about the Stereo MCs one and also Squire Black Dove Rides Out. Its not a conclusive list and could easily be a box set rather than an album. Also the Woodleigh Research facility Gardens Dub track should be on there.

Jake Sniper said...

A bit fuzzy of the head this morning,some Weatherall dub sounds just the thing.Great choices

drew said...

Two sides of vinyl could never do Weatherall justice Swede. It would mean four or 5 tracks.