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Sunday, 26 June 2016

England's As Happy As England Can Be

Can't Be Sure by The Sundays came on as I was driving home on Friday and this verse made me laugh at little in the context of recent event...

'England, my country
The home of the free
Such miserable weather
But England's as happy as England can be
Why cry?'

Their debut single from 1989. Minor key beauty, on a Sunday too.

Can't Be Sure


The Swede said...

The Sundays' debut is truly timeless.

charity chic said...

Harriet for PM

Walter said...

Great song and the lyrics made me smile too.

TheRobster said...

Pure class.

anto said...

hope you kept the head at yr do last night new order would have helped?

Swiss Adam said...

Turned out alright- didn't get drawn to far into it. Most people I know are gutted about the decision but there are friends who voted leave. Got back and watched New Order- they sounded good but I can't get used to NO without a certain bass player. They have become the indie Rolling Stones.