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Thursday, 16 June 2016

I Live A Life That's Working For Me

Drew posted two slices of 60s garage rock yesterday so I thought I'd follow suit. Blog tennis. He's posted this before as well I think and I know I did back in 2010 but it's definitely worth re-posting. The Groupies were from New York, formed on the Lower East Side and played on the scene in NY but got little further in terms of either sales or recognition. They flew to L.A. but got nowhere there either. The Groupies were described as wilful, uncommercial and uncompromising. Which is exactly how garage bands should be. In January 1966 they released this song as a single, their only release. But what a single it is.



The Swede said...

Nigh-on perfect.

drew said...

It is a great track

Hazard said...

Wow, I only ever knew the Cramps version. The tune always sounded like Smokestack Lightning--is it?

Swiss Adam said...

Sounds very similar.