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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Pleasure Cry

I've given the vintage photographs thing a rest recently- become a bit of a cliche innit? But this Jacques Henri Lartigue picture from about a century ago of a woman sunbathing and rewinding the gramophone is pretty special.

Sean Johnston's Hardway Bros return with a four track 12" of proper dance music, the sort that should be heard in the dark backroom of airless nightclubs or outdoors somewhere as the sun goes down/comes up. The ep's title track is this song, vocals by Sarah Rebecca, a sultry groover with a dirty bassline and takes that old house music plus sex vocal thing and sends it out of your speakers and into your ears/loins. Cymbals tap away, kick drum thumps, 'my legs are like butterflies...this is my pleasure cry'.


The Swede said...

That bass line is something else, though it really needs to be played at neighbour worrying volume. The photo is also terrific.

londonlee said...

Usually prefer my House more Handbag than Acid but that was good

drew said...

Duly ordered from an excellent Manchester record shop that gets a large amount of my disposable income.

Swiss Adam said...

Its an expensive business isn't it?