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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Expectation Versus Disappointment

On the eve of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 Lord Nelson issued a message- 'England expects that every man will do his duty... and scrape through the group stage before a draining but ultimately hopeless exit in the first knock out round against the first good team we play'. I paraphrase but it was something like that. 'Reaching the knock out round would actually be a bonus given the woeful state of our performances and results at the World Cup in Brazil' muttered Hardy to no-one in particular. So, come on boys, give us something to get cheerful about tonight against the Russians. A goal or two would be lovely.

Our other 'boys', the sunburnt travelling supporters, are covering themselves in glory, spending their evenings in Marseilles drinking their body weight in lager, taking their shirts off, dodging tear gas, battling the French riot police and attempting to take on Isis in one-on-one combat. FFS. The summer sport of hurling plastic furniture across foreign squares is one of the key features of an England campaign. Add this to the Brexit campaign and you have to assume Europe will be only too glad to see the back of us.

Another group of Englishmen battling crushing disappointment released their second new song at midnight on Thursday. After All For One things could only get better and thankfully with Beautiful Thing they have- the highlights of the seven minutes are Reni's gold medal funky drumming and John Squire's guitar playing, the return of the wah-wah and some nice phasing too. The guitar break at around four minutes is the definition of both fluid and liquid and the solo in the fifth minute with some backwards parts is great too. Ian's lyrics are streets ahead of the Dogtanian nonsense on All For One, with references to crucifixion, sisters, living as one and some vague threats to vampires. It's nothing especially new. I'm sure John, Reni and Mani can play this kind of thing in their sleep but it's a step forward for sure and will sound huge played live.


TheRobster said...

Being an honorary Welshman for a number of years now, I distance myself entirely from the morons that call themselves "England supporters". Provocation is no excuse. I'm supporting Wales and proud of it. Does that make me a traitor?

As for the Roses - anything is better after that first single, but I had hoped for something better than a tribute to 1989. Very, very underwhelmed again. They shouldn't have bothered.

Walter said...

I don't want to see those supporters for no team. Sadly one goal wasn't enough. It must be hard to get tied in the overtime.

To Stone Roses: As Robster said it's a way back where they came from. I think I should listen to the record more.

drew said...

I liked the Stone Roses track and even thought about purchasing it but the vinyl pre-order has already sold out. I know it's a bit look back but show me somebody new doing something markedly better and I will gladly support them with my cash.

As for the football, well I have just spent the last few days with mes amis from Gurcon who came over here for the festivities just finished and therefore Vive La France but I still think that the Germans will prevail.

Swiss Adam said...

I've ordered the 12", got in early on Friday morning. It occurs to me that with the AFO 7" and this 12" they're pocketing a healthy sum of cash for single releases, around a tenner an order.

I'd never bet against the Germans at international tournaments. Quite fancy France to go some distance.