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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Funky Killer

There's an album out now of updated versions and remixes of S'Express songs which looks pretty interesting. As well as the opinion splitting Primal Scream cover version Enjoy This Trip has new versions by Tom Furse of the Horrors, Jagz Kooner, Horsemeat Disco and Chris and Cosey among its fifteen tracks. This very funky Red Snapper remix didn't make the final tracklist but has a very 1990s jazzy, hip hop vibe which works really well if sounding quite unlike S'Express.


Echorich said...

Enjoyed everything I've heard from this release so far and of course anything with even a hint of Billie Ray Martin on a track is golden for these ears!

Swiss Adam said...

It's on my list of things to buy.

Anonymous said...

Curious. I found little to enjoy in the remixes.