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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Walking In The Rain

I've been listening to Grace Jones' 1981 album Nightclubbing recently, something about its grooves and atmosphere fit in just right with this extended spell of sunshine we've had up here in the north. The opening track Walking In The Rain (a cover of a song by an Australian group called Flash And The Pan) is a powerful opener, driven on by the jawdropping rhythm skills of Sly and Robbie- I could happily listen to a version of this album that was just Sly and Robbie sometimes. Grace's delivery is bold and the guitars add menace and drama, gathering storm clouds. The rain Grace is walking in isn't fine Mancunian drizzle or British bank holiday downpour, this is steamy monsoon rain. There's a seven minutes plus 12" version that's worth having a look at too.

Walking In The Rain


Dubrobots said...

Fantastic stuff. Completely agree about a Sly and Robbie only version, have often said they should release a Nightdubbing version of the album.

Really looking forward to the Warm Leatherette reissue that's coming out in a week or two too

TheRobster said...

Pure class.

The Swede said...

Great to hear this again Adam.

Echorich said...

One of my favorite Grace Jones tracks. She can sure interpret the hell out of a song. As an aside, that pic of Grace was taken in NYC back around 83 at an awards show... I think I was standing just to the right of the photographer in the photo line for this pic...Always the friendly diva, our Grace.

Swiss Adam said...

!!! Now that's an aside.