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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Haunting Ground

This 1986 dub production by Adrian Sherwood for singer Bim Sherman is super heavy with Bim's vocals floating over the rhythms and FX. Sherwood At The Controls vol. 2 is out now, a second compilation of Sherwood productions, this one from the second half of the 80s. It includes the industrial hip hop of Tackhead and the industrial noise of KMFDM and Ministry before settling on a run of dub tracks towards the end- Bim Sherman, African Head Charge et al. If you only buy one compilation this month etc.

Haunting Ground Dub


Walter said...

I agree to your words about this compilation. Bought it a few days ago and love it.

The Swede said...

This period of On-U sound produced some wicked tunes.