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Saturday, 20 June 2020

Isolation Mix Twelve

I'm not sure that the title of these mixes holds true any more but onward we go. This week's hour of music is coming from the punk and post- punk world and the long tail that snakes from the plugging of a guitar into an amplifier and someone with something to say stepping up to the microphone. Some Spaghetti Western as an intro, some friendship, some politics, some anger, some exhilaration, some questions, some disillusionment, some psychedelic exploration and some optimism to end with.

In History Lesson Part 2 D. Boon explains his friendship with Mike Watt, the importance of punk in changing their lives, the singers and players in the bands that inspired him and, in the first line, the essence of punk as he experienced it.

'Our band could be your life
Real names'd be proof
Me and Mike Watt played for years
Punk rock changed our lives

We learned punk rock in Hollywood
Drove up from Pedro
We were fucking corn dogs
We'd go drink and pogo

Mr. Narrator
This is Bob Dylan to me
My story could be his songs
I'm his soldier child

Our band is scientist rock
But I was E. Bloom and Richard Hell
Joe Strummer and John Doe
Me and Mike Watt, playing guitar'

Ennio Morricone: For A Few Dollars More
Minutemen: History Lesson Part 2
Joe Strummer/Electric Dog House: Generations
X: In This House That I Call Home
The Replacements: Can’t Hardly Wait (Tim Outtake Version)
Husker Du: Keep Hanging On
The Redskins: Kick Over The Statues
The Woodentops: Why (Live)
The Vacant Lots: Bells
The Third Sound: For A While
Spacemen 3: Revolution
Poltergeist: Your Mind Is A Box (Let Us Fill It With Wonder)
Echo And The Bunnymen: Ocean Rain (Alt Version)
Pete Wylie: Sinful
Carbon/Silicon: Big Surprise


Nick L said...

Oh this looks good...thanks for putting it together. Looking forward to listening later. Always good to hear that version of Why, The Redskins were a great band, playing with real anger live, and it's a shame Carbon Silicon didn't do more. Great choices.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Nick. Carbon/Silicon had some good songs and I wish they'd done more. I saw them at Night and Day, very good little gig. And extremely hot.

Brian said...

You spoiled us but good with this mix. My favorite one so far. Mike Watt would name drop Richard Hell again on the comical You and Me Remembering during his fIREHOSE years.