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Monday, 29 June 2020

Monday's Long Song

The new album from The Long Champs has been occupying chunks of my listening time since it arrived a week ago, eight songs that find the sweet spot between chuggy dance music, late 80s indie and shoegaze. Next Stop Nowhere opens the album in fine style with glistening peels of guitar, a filthy bassline and synth washes over a thumping rhythm, a streamlined, dancefloor facing Sonic Youth.

Across Straight To Audio's next six songs the guitars are equal parts fuzz and shimmer, there are layers and washes of sound that trigger a range of emotions, all underpinned by the slow- mo, chugging drums. The closing song and title track pairs Ocean Rain era Will Sergeant tremelo with a lovely chilled out bassline and sets sail for somewhere on the horizon.

You can buy the CD or download from Tici Taci.


drew said...

It's very good. I ordered it the other day on recommendation from Richie of WeAre1of100

Echorich said...

I have to agree! Great album! The title track is very special. It's not always easy for an instrumental to convey a great deal of emotion, but Straight To Audio does just that.

Walter said...

Very very good indeed. Just ordered the album after listening to these songs. Thank you for introducing me to him.