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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Black And Blues

Jim Reid, ex-Mary Chain frontman, has got a new song up on here on Soundcloud called Black And Blues. It's a Jim Reid song, you know what it'll sound like. I like it. Jim's comment about it is 'What I've been wasting my time with lately'.

The Mary Chain's five studio albums are soon to be re-released as triple packs, 2 cds with all the extras you'd expect and a dvd of videos, tv appearances and so on. A couple of these might be tempting if Rhino hadn't put out a box of rarities a couple of years back and double cd best of last year, and the whole set of albums were re-mastered and re-released not too long before that. The Smiths soon to be released boxset features their albums (and singles on the big box set, in both vinyl and cd format) re-mastered (because the originals sounded awful didn't they?), and depending on which format you buy would set you back £50 or £300. It's all a long way from 7" and 12" singles for a quid or two in the mid 1980s and junk shop clothes.


drew said...

I never understood the remastering of Psychocandy, the sound is what made it.

I was one who in the nineties bought a lot of stuff that I had on vinyl on cd but thankfully didn't get rid of the "out dated" black stuff which I lsten to more these days.

I think that if you can wait six months to a year you will be able to pick up most of this stuff, the cds anyway for a lot less. Me, I think I will stick to my vinyl.

But I have to confess to buying the Screamadelica boxset!

swiss adam said...

I saw the re-issues in town yesterday, £15. I've got the vinyl but quite fancy the dvds (which I'll probably watch once, and they're on youtube). Like you say, wait 6 months and they always turn up cheaper.