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Monday, 26 September 2011

It's Always Tease, Tease, Tease

Another Clash cover comes in via the wonders of the internet, this time from Ctel whose Acid Ted blog is a standard setter for dance music blogs. This is Should I Stay Or Should I Go? as done by Brighton based three piece rockabilly band Long Tall Texans, formed in 1985 and still treading the boards today. I should've saved this for Friday night but luckily Ctel sent another song by them as well.


Dirk said...

Arrrgh ... I wanted to send that one in as well, Ctel, but until now didn't find the time to rip the 7"!


Anonymous said...

sorry about that dirk

the sad thing aobut this cover is that it doesn't sound as properly rockabilly as they did live. i saw them quite a few times in Brighton in 85/86


swiss adam said...

The drums sound like a drum machine in parts too, most unrockabilly. Still, new one to me and I like it.

Dirk said...

Well, I can send you the live version of that if you like, Ctel ... guaranteed to bring back yer sweet memories of good ole'
'85 ....