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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Go Easy, Step Lightly, Stay Free

After drawing a blank with Ctel's suggestion of The Pickets cover of Should I Stay Or Should I Go (I did find a youtube clip, see the comments box for Joy Zipper's Hitsville UK, but no mp3), and deciding against posting The Tailgators psychobilly cover of Mick's most indecisive moment, I've settled for this- Pete Wylie ('part time rock star, full time legend') covering Stay Free live and in concert. Possibly the only time The Clash and Chicory Tip are brought together in the intro to a song. Stay Free is, of course, Mick Jones' love letter to his best mate, his childhood and teenage years, and Sarf London- 'at weekends, dahn Streatham, on a bus'.

Apologies to Mick Jones- I've included a picture of The Clash which he isn't on. He might be used to that by now I suppose.

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