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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lion Rocking

I heard this the other day for the first time in years, decades even, and it sounded much better than I remembered- Justin Robertson's 90s club 'band' Lionrock and the self-titled single. Nice dub-house with great synth horns. Very tasty, as is Mr Robertson's dress sense. Nice boots.


acidted said...

I don't mean to be pedantic. But I am. If you mean the 1992 single Lionrock, then I think this was Robertson on his own. My memory says that the band didn't come about until a few years later (95?).

swiss adam said...

According to wiki Lionrock formed in 1991 and it lists Lionrock the single as their first single.They released Packet of Peace in 93. I bought the 12" and it's says Lionrock on the sleeve.

stevoid said...

I was walking past the Joshua Brooks the other day and noticed JR is playing there on NYE.....may have to make a date with that.