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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

She Was An American Girl

I don't really buy into the whole guilty pleasures thing- a good song is a good song no matter who wrote/played/sings it. Hence, as Drew pointed out a long time ago, Push The Button by Sugababes is just a great tune regardless. I don't usually go for U.S. AM/FM radio rock, but there's nothing at all wrong with Tom Petty's American Girl, sheer joy from start to finish. And we all know where Julian Casablancas nicked the riff for Last Nite from.


davyh said...

Mrs H is a big Tom Petty fan from Back In The Day. She loves this first album.

I can't stand 'em.

Such is life.

drew said...

I liked this but nothing else. I had a mate at school who loved TP, probably still does for all I know. Musical differences and all that!

swiss adam said...

I quite like Freefalling. Other than that and this, nothing

Artog said...

Running Down A Dream is the only track of his that I really love. Though one thing that really endeared him to me was a spoken interlude about halfway through whatever album it's off (on the cd) where he calls things to a halt to give the people listening on vinyl a chance to turn the record over.