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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'll Declare My Intent To Race Again

There are people I know who don't 'get' Richard Hawley- 'country and rockabilly from Sheffield, so what?' they say. One of them got into Coles Corner a few years back, so I lent him the first three albums (the mini album debut, Late Night Final and Lowedges). He didn't like them. Eh? Bagging Area likes Richard Hawley, his sincere devotion to it, his northerness, his dress sense, and especially those first three records; lower budget maybe but the songs are great. Run For Me from Lowedges was a stately guitar led tribute to motorcycle racing, open armed and wide eyed but with a side helping of melancholy. The version of Run For Me here was recorded for a BBC 6 Music show, a re-working of the song- just piano with some pedal steel guitar coming in half way through and Hawley's rich vocals.


davyh said...

Looks as if this'll be the first autumn for a couple of years without new Hawley material - he always gets me through the darkening days.

Hadn't heard this versh before, thank you.

ally. said...

oooooooh we love a fifties throwback here and this is new to me too so ta very much