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Monday, 19 September 2011

Keep Warm

Mr. Weatherall returned to the controls at BBC 6 Mix last night and played his usual eclectic selection, including a couple of his own forthcoming remixes, one a techno/rockabilly/glam remix for Soft Rocks and another for The Horrors. Amongst it all he played a song by Warm Digits, a duo who've released their debut album Keep Warm With...The Warm Digits on Newcastle's Distraction Records, and very good it is too. The album's over at emusic and other digital outlets or you can order the double vinyl from the band website or Distraction. Piccadilly Records, fine record emporium that it is, made my eyebrows raise slightly wanting £22 for the record. It's less from the band site. Weatherall describes Warm Digits as 'machine funk kraut-a-delia' and I can't come up with a better label, but suffice to say they were very good, a bit like a less head-splitting Fuck Buttons.

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