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Friday, 30 September 2011

If My Heart Is At War, Its Soldiers Are Bleeding

Despite the review of a fairly disastrous gig over at Spools Paradise, when I listen to this Echo And the Bunnymen song I can think it's the best song in the world, double guitar solo and everything.

My Kingdom removed by DMCA


Scott said...

Despite last night's debacle Ocean Rain is still one of the finest albums ever made. Have just watched the majesty of A Crystal Day to see the lads in their prime.

swiss adam said...

That sounds good- watched them doing My Kingdom live in Spain on youtube last night- very good.

Scott said...

Apparently they played a blinder last night in York so sounds like he saved all his drinking for the Glasgow show. Hopefully they may play Ocean Rain again in Glasgow to make up for his antics.

Echorich said...

My Kingdom stands out as EATB at its peak for me. My favorite of all their songs. Everytime I hear it the hair on the back of my neck stands at attention and I get a pit in my stomach.