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Sunday, 16 October 2011

There's No-One There

Hangover. Tired. Headache.

In a chain of events I won't bother to explain I ended up watching Rochdale play Colchester yesterday. I like watching lower league football every now and then. You can stand up. You can pay on the gate. The crowd have realistic/low expectations. As Rochdale went looking for an equaliser in the second half a long ball was punted towards the box. 'There's no one there' a man sighed. He looked like he'd spent the last 40 years watching Rochdale lump the ball towards the box, in vain hope of a goal. And he was right, there was no-one there.

Random song- M Craft covers She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult, acoustic style.

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stevoid said...

I had a debut visit to Spotland a few weeks back to watch my mob (Carlisle Utd) make 90 minutes last a fair bit longer than it seemed in a riveting 0-0 game on a cold Tuesday night.

Still,at a tenner it's still the cheapest league game I've been to for some time.