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Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday Street

Streets, roads and places feature prominently in Paul Weller's songs, from the punk temptations of In The City, the bomb in Wardour Street and Tales From The Riverbanks' childhood idyll during The Jam through to the fascination with Paris in The Style Council. Once solo Weller continued the psychogeography. His first solo album featured the single Uh Huh Oh Yeah and a 'trip down Boundary Lane, trying to find myself again'. His third solo album was named after the road he grew up on (Stanley Road). By this point he was busy earning the Dadrock tag, and in truth although I liked the first solo album and loved Wild Wood, Stanley Road did little for me other than The Changing Man, Broken Stones and that nice Peter Blake sleeve.

1997's Heavy Soul album led with this single, and it turns out it's an actual place (a hamlet in Surrey). 'A pulse goes on, on Friday Street' he sings but truth be told at this point that Dadrock label isn't budging.

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dickvandyke said...

Inspired thought SA.
From Wasteland to Private Hell via The Place I Love.

Have a great weekend.