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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Space Travel Wears Me Out, I Look Ill But I Don't Care About It

If every band in Britain in 1978 had at least one great single in them, this one was The Only Ones. Another Girl, Another Planet is inexplicably good and attempting to isolate it's constituent parts doesn't really explain its greatness. The band clearly weren't punk (look at them), but benefited from the floodgates punk opened. I know people rave about other songs they wrote but nothing else comes close to this moment of genius.

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drew said...

Fucking unbelievably good song.

When I was a kid me and Stiff used to sneak into his eldest brother's room and listen to his records when he was out. This was the one I always played. A few years later going to a record fair with Stiff and both brothers, John asked if I had to steal one of his records which would it be, no hesitation, Another Girl Another Planet to which he said, I thought so. The bastard would never sell it to me it was another 10 years or so before I got it on vinyl.