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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Summer In The City Where the Air Is Still

Various bloggers have been rhapsodising about Roddy Frame's recent tour, full of Aztec Camera songs, which makes me wish I'd done something about going to the Manchester gig. But I didn't. So instead I've relistened to some Aztec Camera songs. Somewhere In My Heart is commercial 80s pop, radio friendly, unit shifting gold. It's easy to criticise- bad synth horns, big 80s drums, squeeling guitar solo, verging on corny/cliched lyrics and none-more 80s video. In 1988 I liked it secretly, despite myself. Roddy was one of the good guys but in '88 this just seemed much too pop. Still, it was part of the soundtrack of finishing 6th Form and going to University. And I've got a large soft spot for it.


Simon said...

I was a proud Roddy fan, in fact at this point I was even dressing like him, and had the same haircut.

I too didn't do anything about getting to see the man on his current tour which is a damn shame. The last 3 solo albums are currently on rotation at home though, and very fine they are. Haven't enjoyed Roddy's songs quite so much as I am currently for a good few years.

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drew said...

I loved the songs on Love but couldn't lsten to the album due to the realy bad middle of the road production. Live they came into their own. But the lyrics to this, How Men Are and Killermont Street to name but three are great

Corny lyrics SA -
"From Westwood to Hollywood
the one thing that's understood, is you can't buy time
but you can sell your soul
And the closest thing to heaven is to rock and roll" - I beg to differ sir.

swiss adam said...

It's a clunky lyric Drew and no mistake. I never understood how a baby could be born to the overkill really either

swiss adam said...

And I forgot to mention that fucking saxophone