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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bird Scarer

Curse you Mr Weatherall. Why must you do these things?

Bird Scarer Records is Andrew Weatherall's new vinyl only venture, releasing it's first 12" single in two weeks time- a track called The Last Reel by Timothy J Fairplay with a Weatherall remix on the B-side. Limited to 300 copies. First 20 copies come with an AW lino print. Curse you Mr Weatherall.


drew said...

This is going to be a bastard to get a hold of. Thanks for the heads up SA.

Why the fuck, so limited!

What about the price of the Wooden Shjips remix, 13 quid a bit fucking steep for a 3 track 12" single.

Swiss Adam said...

I know. The Wooden Shjips remix is top notch too but as you say, a bit fucking steep. And by advertising Bird Scarer, I'm reducing my own chances of getting it.